3rd Grade

            Welcome to 3rd grade music!

     In third grade students will continue to develop their repertoire of folk, seasonal, multicultural and patriotic songs; their technique in playing the barred instruments. In third grade students will also begin to recognize and identify visual representation of rhythm, melody and form. Students will achieve these objectives through moving, singing, speaking, playing, and notating. I look forward to a fun and exciting year!


In November Students will...
  • Identify and perform a dotted half note.
  • Demonstrate conducting in 3.
  • Identify and perform High Do.
  • Identify an interlude.



In October students will...

  • Identify and label the whole note and whole rest

  • Label the 5-line staff

  • Experience melodies using La, So, Mi, Re, and Do

  • Experience Ostinato

  • Distinguish between Major and minor tonalities

  • Demonstrate a crossover bordun on the barred instruments

  • Differentiate between crescendo and decrescendo