5th Grade

Music and Art Night


Enjoy singing these songs through the summer!
5th Grade Music and Art Night


                  Welcome to 5th grade music!

     This year, 5th grade students will continue to develop their repertoire of folk, seasonal, multicultural and patriotic songs along with proper vocal technique. They will continue to develop technique in playing recorders. As well as honing their skills on the barred instruments.

Happy New Year!

After 4 months of lessons, fifth grade students should:

  • understand classroom procedures and know what behaviors are expected.
  • identify the following rhythmic figures: dotted quarter/eighth, eighth/two sixteenths, and two sixteenths/eighth.
  • improvise using the Question-Answer technique with body percussion, unpitched instruments, barred instruments, and soprano recorder.
  • experience mixed meter.
  • continue to identify the lines/spaces of the treble staff.
  • demonstrate proper playing technique on the soprano recorder (notes B-A-G-E-D)
  • demonstrate an understanding of chord change accompaniments (I-V, I-VII, I-IV-V)
  • identify and perform ostinati (speaking, singing, moving, and playing)
  • distinguish between the four orchestral families.
  • continue to work in small groups, demonstrating problem-solving techniques.

Although these skills may not yet be fully mastered, upcoming lessons will continue to reinforce them.  The next few months are significant as fifth grade students will be introduced to uneven meter (5/4 and 7/8), continue to play the soprano recorder (adding pitches F#, low C, and F), and continue to work with partners and independently in groups.


In November students will...

  • Demonstrate Question & Answer form on soprano recorders.
  • Experience mixolydian melodies.
  • Review and perform low D on the soprano recorder.
  • Identify I-VII chords.
  • Identify orchestral families.


In October students will...

  • Identify eighth-sixteenth rhythms
  • Demonstrate conducting in 4/4 time
  • Distinguish between Major and minor tonalities
  • Experience B, A, G, and low E on the soprano recorder
  • Experience a canon or round
  • Demonstrate musical expression
  • Identify and perform a minor scale
  • Identify mezzoforte

Recorder Playing Test

Week of February 3rd

This Little Light of Mine.pdf

Students need to label all the notes on the Treble clef, count how many measures are in the piece, and label the fingering at the bottom.

Recorder Playing Test

Week of December 2nd

I have sent home a song for students to practice on the recorder. This practice is optional, however, students will be asked to play the song for assessment when we return from Thanksgiving break. I have discussed with the students that they will not be asked to play the entire song alone but in small groups. If your child feels especially nervous about playing in class they are welcome to see me before or after school to play it for me alone. I have also included the rubric I will be using to assess their playing. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Recorder Playing Rubric.pdf

Due Week of October 21st

BAG Review - Students need to label all the notes with their letter names, count note types and label fingering. =36 points

Activity #1 - Students need to label all the notes with their letter names.  Each box should create a word. =34 points

BAG Review_Activity 1.pdf