1st Grade

                           Welcome to 1st grade music!

     This year in music students will continue to build their repertoire of songs including folk, seasonal, multicultural, and patriotic songs. We will be working on establishing the pulse or beat.  Students will begin to read rhythms in standard notation. Experience songs in different meters. Students will continue to develop their mallet technique when playing the barred instruments. We will also be identifying and classifying instruments. All of this will be experiences through a wide variety of activities with fun and colorful visuals and singing games.


In November students will...
  • Identify and perform the repeat sign.


In October students will...

  • Identify sound and silence as quarter note and quarter rest.
  • Continue to develop a repertoire of seasonal songs.
  • Demonstrate a simple chord bordun on the barred instruments.
  • Identify phrases.
  • Differentiate between vocal qualities: whisper & shout
  • Demonstrate loud and quiet dynamics.