2nd Grade

                                         Welcome to 2nd grade music!

     In 2nd grade students will continue to develop proper mallet technique as well as identifying pitched percussion instruments.  They will demonstrate proper vocal technique and continue to build a repertoire of folk, seasonal, multicultural, and patriotic songs.  Students will continue to learn more notes in the singing scale as well as new rhythms. They will begin to identify different musical forms. All of this will be experienced through a wide variety of activities that involve singing, dancing, and dramatic play.


In November students will...
  • Identify and perform the half note.
  • Identify and perform the half rest.
  • Experience a vocal ostinato.
  • Identify and perform a Coda.
  • Identify pitched percussion: Xylophone, Metallophone, and Glockenspiel.


In October students will...

  • Identify 2 beamed eighth notes and 2 flagged eighth notes.
  • Demonstrate an ostinato.
  • Experience Major and minor keys.
  • Identify Forte and Piano