4th Grade
                                Welcome to 4th grade music!
     This year 4th grade student will begin to play recorders as well as learning to read standard notation on the Treble Clef, continue to develop their skills on the barred instruments, develop a repertoire of songs to improve their singing technique and continue to add to their music vocabulary.  All of this will be accomplished through singing, games, dances, and lots of playing instruments.

4th grade bb


In November students will...

  • Demonstrate Question & Answer form using unpitched instruments.
  • Perform low E on the soprano recorder.
  • Demonstrate a simple level bordun on the barred instruments.
  • Identify the recorder family.
  • Identify the orchestral woodwind family.


In October students will...

  • Demonstrate Question-Answer form using body percussion
  • Label the eighth rest
  • Experience B, A, and G on the soprano recorder
  • Experience ostinato


In September 4th grade students will...

  • Practice performing the pulse
  • Be introduced to syncopation
  • Begin Learning notes on the Treble Clef lines & spaces
  • Begin learning the Soprano Recorder
  • Review and perform canon/round
  • Review and perform proper mallet technique
  • Review and perform phrasing
  • Be introduced to rondo form

Recorder Playing Test

Week of December 2nd

I have sent home a song for students to practice on the recorder. This practice is optional, however, students will be asked to play the song for assessment when we return from Thanksgiving break. I have discussed with the students that they will not be asked to play the entire song alone but in small groups. If your child feels especially nervous about playing in class they are welcome to see me before or after school to play it for me alone. I have also included the rubric I will be using to assess their playing. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Rain, Rain.pdf

    Week of October 28th

It's in the BAG: Students need to label all of the notes with their letter names and circle all of the B's in the tune.

It's in the BAG.pdf


Students were given a paper plate that they need to turn into a face of some kind. The use of construction paper, yarn, crayons & markers, is highly encouraged.


Students were given a worksheet to create a sentence to help them remember the notes on the Treble clef lines (EGBDF). They are to create a sentence and then draw a picture to represent that sentence.
Grade Four Worksheet.pdf