Welcome to Kindergarten music!

This year in music students will be introduced to a menagerie of instruments and taught the proper technique for playing them. Students will explore their different voices: speaking, whispering, shouting. They will build a repertoire of songs including folk, multicultural, seasonal and patriotic songs. We will develop their body awareness and explore dramatic play.  By the end of the year students will be able to read short rhythm patterns and differentiate between sound and silence. We do all this with fun visuals and singing games.


In October students will...

  • Experiences different meters: 2/4, 4/4, and 6/8.
  • Establish phrasing.
  • Explore time/space/shape/force in movement.
  • Explore dramatic play.
  • Develop body awareness.


In September Kindergarteners will be using a farm theme to learn about...

  • pulse
  • fast-slow
  • long- short
  • short rhythm patterns
  • high-low
  • beginning to sing the notes so and mi
  • pulse against rhythm
  • same-different
  • non-pitched instruments.