1st Grade

Music and Art Night

Thursday April 23rd at 7:00pm


1st Grade Music and Art Night


Here is a video demonstrating the sing-a-string activity.


Happy New Year!

After 4 months of lessons, first grade students should:
  • understand classroom procedures and routines.
  • know what behaviors are expected of them.
  • demonstrate success with a group pulse.
  • understand Ta, Ti-ti, and rest.
  • have had many opportunities to explore and improvise in movement and instruments playing.
  • understand phrase and same/different.
  • be able to identify several unpitched percussion instruments.

Although the above skills may not yet be fully mastered, upcoming lessons will continue to reinforce the.  The next few months are exciting as first grade students will label quarter and eighth notes, be introduced to So, Mi and La scale tones and hand signs, work with beginning ostinati, label simple forms, and differentiate between timbres of instruments.


In November students will...
  • Identify and perform the repeat sign.


In October students will...

  • Identify sound and silence as quarter note and quarter rest.
  • Continue to develop a repertoire of seasonal songs.
  • Demonstrate a simple chord bordun on the barred instruments.
  • Identify phrases.
  • Differentiate between vocal qualities: whisper & shout
  • Demonstrate loud and quiet dynamics.